Bielany Water Treatment Plant
The Bielany Water Treatment Plant for over fifty years was the primary source of water for the city, and later it has become one of the pillars of water supply. Despite the relatively low production capacity in relation to the current demand for drinking water, it is still an important link in the operation of the entire water supply system. It has been working continuously since 1901, it supplies the city with water and acts as a supporting water supply system in the event of the need to temporarily shut down any of the other three water intakes for the city of Krakow. At the same time, it is a living testimony of both engineering technologies of the past and the changes they have undergone over the past century. Bielany Water Treatment Plant  is the only waterworks plant in Krakow, where the history of technology has intertwined so much with the present.

Bielany Water Treatment Plant
Kraków Waterworks
299 Księcia Józefa Street
30-243 Kraków

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