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Katarzyna Sikora
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  • Monitoring of the structural safety of water pipes as a basis for choosing the optimal technology for their trenchless renewal
  • Infrastructure networks in multifunctional underground constructions
  • Methods of determining the risk of sewage pipes failure
  • Conference "Experts" of NO-DIG Poland
  • Trenchless technologies on six continents
  • The choice of optimal technology for trenchless construction of underground pipelines
  • 44 technologies for trenchless rehabilitation of water pipes - which to choose?
  • Potential damages of CIPP rehabilitation coatings
  • Selected examples of failures of rehabilitation coatings used in water and sewage pipelines
  • Our most valuable assets when managing buried treasures
  • Usage of underground space in urban development
  • The re-organization of ISTT – more activities to affiliated societies also in Poland
  • Investigating the different texture of the polymeric sleeves inner surface, as a way to improve transportation ability of the gravity pipelines
  • Influence of the work in the longitudinal direction on the stress level in GRP panels strengthening the sewage pipe structure
  • Trenchless renovation technology for "difficult" segments of the water supply system
  • Trenchless renovation of the water supply system by a method of reducing the risk of failure
  • Changes in the approach to trenchless sewer renovation over the years in the Waterworks of the City of Krakow
  • No Dig market review in Finland

  • Steinzeug-Keramo Sp. z o.o.
  • AARSLEFF Sp. z.o.o.
  • Hermes Technologie Sp.z o.o.