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Marcin Motylski
Terlan Sp. z o.o.
An innovative method of performing 3D scanning of water and sewage pipelines on selected examples

In TELRAN, he is responsible for the development of new products and technologies, specially SIPP (Spray in Place Process) spray technologies. Additionally, he is responsible for research and development works and projects, certifications and standardizations. He is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Natural Sciences (SGGW) (Water Engineering, specializing in Water Supply and Sewerage). He has many years of experience in the production, design, testing and certification of plastic pipelines and fittings for inhouse instalations and underground piplines. He has implemented many plastic products on the Polish market, such as Close-Fit pressure-fit renovation systems, pipe modules, installation systems for renewable energy sources and heating underfloor system for sports fields. A long-time member of the KT 140 Standardization Committee for plastic pipes and fittings. Author and proofreader of translations of many renovation standards and technical articles. He has conducted and is actively working on many research and development projects with the Poznań University of Technology.

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