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Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Ziaja
AGH University of Krakow
Three decades of HDD in Poland

Graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology, 1985-90, since 1990 employee of the AGH Department of Drilling, Oil and Gas. Currently Head of the Department of Drilling and Geoengineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.
Leading discipline: field of engineering sciences / environmental engineering, mining and power engineering.
Main areas of scientific activity and specialisations: trenchless technologies, drilling, geoengineering.
Author and co-author of more than 120 literature items, 16 research grants more than 100 opinions and expert opinions for the industry. He has been involved in trenchless technologies since 1998. Since 2002 he has been lecturing on trenchless techniques and technologies to students of WWNiG. Between 1998 and 2004 Technical Editor and member of the Programme Board of the quarterly magazines "NTTB" and "TTB". Head of postgraduate course "Modern technologies of trenchless pipeline construction". Co-author of technical standard in the field of HDD.

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