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Dr Eng. Andrzej Raganowicz
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
Statistical forecasting of technical condition of sewage system
  • Studies: Technical University of Gdańsk (Technical University of Gdańsk 1973-1978),
  • Technical assistant at the Chair of Geotechnics (Technical University of Gdańsk 1980-1988),
  • Since 1988 in Germany,
  • Training for the higher civil engineering service, Munich (1990-1992),
  • Technical manager at the association for waste water disposal in the Hachinger Tal (1998-2021),
  • PhD, Wroclaw Technical University of Wrocław (2010),
  • Habilitation, AGH Kraków (2016),
  • Head of the DWA course on property drainage (2012-2019),
  • Lectures: Technical University of Munich (2018-2022), Technical University of Gdansk since 2021, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich since 2018,
  • Successful renovation of the sewage system with a length of 200 km,
  • Statistical-stochastic channel state forecasts,
  • 65 publications in many international journals,
  • 3 scientific books, Springer-Vieweg (2017, 2019, 2022).

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