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Dr Eng. Agata Zwierzchowska
Kielce University of Technology
Accuracy of building underground conduits in trenchless construction as a technology selection criterion

Agata Zwierzchowska graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Kielce University of Technology. Since 1994 has been employed at the Kielce University of Technology, currently at the Department of Sanitary Networks and Installations. She specializes in trenchless underground construction technology. In 2002 she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled "Optimizing the selection of trenchless underground pipeline construction methods." She participated, as a manager or main contractor, in the implementation of two grants on the subject of trenchless underground construction technology. She conducts classes with Environmental Engineering for students at the Kielce University of Technology, mainly in the field of trenchless technologies and sanitary installations. She is the author or co-author of over 70 Polish and foreign publications, including three books, on trenchless underground construction technologies, focusing in particular on the methods of their optimization. She is a member of the Polish Trenchless Techniques Foundation, where she was the Seretary in the years 2009 - 2012.

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